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is it possible travel by boat in France from paris to aixe les bains?

gilyons asked: i need a direct line from one place to another. it would bevery hard to move on a boat then start again in another river.

What will be the best way to travel overseas if the price of oil causes boat and airplane rides to skyrocket?

Jogol asked: What will be the best way to travel overseas if the price of oil causes the price of airplane and boat rides to skyrocket?


Fastest Way to travel by boat from New York to England?

Jennifer P asked: I have a great fear of flying & need to get to England the most direct way via SHIP. Any suggestions. I won’t fly ever and no I won’t take pills or drink to get on a plane. Any ideas about how to get there fast and direct by boat?


How far would a mountain bike travel if the tires revolved ten times and have a diameter of 28 inches?

nikhiboy_08 asked: How do you do this problem?

Can we travel by boat from Panama to Colombia?

caty guatemala asked: Can we travel by boat from Central America to Colombia Please do you have some address Thank you

what profession should you be in to be able to live on a sail boat and still travel?

artic-sail asked: i’m thinking about going back to college in the next 5 years and i want to live life on a sail boat. i want to find a proffesion that wont tie me down to one spot of land for 5 days a week .

Is the mountain pass between Benton, California and route 395 now open for vehicular travel?

oldzip121 asked: My map shows this route as closed in winter.


what do you prefer,to travel by boat or by plane?

honey asked: everytime i travel i ride in a i plan to visit far places and it can only be done by riding on a boat or plane.i’m a little scared.can you please help.


what is the cheapest wat to travel from San francisco to Mammoth mountain?

green man asked: Is there a bus service coach service? wat should read way sorry

How long will it take me to travel by boat from Boracay Island to Puerto Galera Mindora?

watkins_shane1 asked: I am going to the Philippines for vacation and I want to spend time in both Borocay and Puerto Galera. Can anyone help me with the approximate travel time? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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