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Can someone help me get to Rattanakiri, Cambodia?

travel cambodia

The Boot asked:

Rattanakiri, specifically the waterfall there, is my dream destination on planet Earth, but there are difficulties in accessing the place, especially at my age (55).

Does anyone know a RELIABLE tourist agency, either in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, that can offer a trip there?

I would also be amenable to paying for a helicopter trip there, provided we could safely touch down for pictures of the waterfall and surroundings. I have some other destinations in Southeast Asia also in mind, but Rattanakiri must be included.

I am not interested in any scams, fly-by-night operations or making advance payments. My travel itinerary would put me there around Christmas.

Who can help?

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HOw can i travel to Bali?

travel bali

dylan asked:

please include the price range for accomodition,foods,air travel..
btw im from Malaysia

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How can I get a Tourist Visa to Australia?

travel maldives

Muhammad A asked:

I want to get tourist visa to Australia. How can i get?
I have travel only to Maldives in my passport. I have registered my business as exports and Imports. And I have done six imports. 5 imports from Maldives and One Imports from Thailand. All the Imports value are very small.

If I ask a tourist visa will I get, or refuse.
I am Sri Lankan, What must I do to get a tourist Visa.
Please give me a good advice.

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Can u name any good travel agents for taking me to malaysia, singapore & bangkok?

travel malaysia

Ramesh K. C. asked:

I would prefer if dinner too was included in the package.
I stay in India and would prefer if dinner too was included in the package.

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i am disabled, what will it happen if when i travel to usa i bring back a wheelchair?

travel usa

bronzeeve asked:

I am disabled and here in UK all the wheelchairs look geriatric, and the ones that they dont, are far out of my budget.I have seen the one i like in U.S.A and i am thinking of bringing it back when i travel, but also i have no idea if there will be any inconvinience when I check it in with my luggage.

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travel in hong kong in june?

travel hong kong

mememe asked:

hi there i heard from my friend that it’s not advisable to travel in hongkong during june, as the shops will be closed due to the typhoon. Is it really that bad? I was planning to go from 7th June to 10th June. Anyone wishes to advise?
oh, and is it the best time to shop in hk???

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