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I Love to find out about travelling to Africa?

travel africa

Frina asked:

I love to travel to Africa. Maybe someone can help me, like I think it is dangerous becaseu of war and all, so maybe you can help me? Thanks.

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Need recommendation of good online/offline travel agency to buy a vacation package to Tahiti (bora bora)?

travel tahiti

mrfeed asked:

for about one week stay, including airfare, and overwater or beach bungalow stay, around Feb 2006

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I want to know More information of Laamu Atoll (Maldives)?

travel maldives

Muhammad A asked:

I want to go to Laamu Atoll to buy Dry fish for export. Is Dry Fish available in Laamu Atoll.

How many mins does it takes to travel by boat from Male’ to Laamu Atoll?

Is Domestic flight available to Laamu Atoll.

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Mauritians travel advice please?

travel mauritius

swan tips asked:

Hi.. can I get a bus directly from Le Morne to Grand Baie. I’m going to be staying at Le Morne [Indian Resort Hotel] and want to go to Grand Baie to do undersea helmet diving but really don’t want to get more taxis.. I’ve paid for loads already and an 8 day holiday has so far cost £2250/ $4715.00 US!!! I’d like not to have to fork out more money on haggling with taxi drivers…
The lonely Planet Guide for Mauritius is rubbish and doesn’t tell you these details….

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I will travel Europe this summer with interrail ticket please give me some advices?

travel europe

phoenix asked:

I will travel Europe this summer,can you give me some advices.By the way I’m from Turkey.With my 2 other friends we will travel greece,italy,spain,france and holland and belgium any more suggestions.Also what should I bring to this trip?Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of this Interrail trip?
get a life

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Do i need a visa to travel to Australia for under two months?

travel australia

Tessa asked:

I am traveling to Australia and living with a friend for two months, do i need a visa?

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