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Can i travel to thailand with a criminal record?

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roy asked:

I got charged with trafficking and did my time, now i want to move on and get the most out of life. Is it going to be ok to travel from canada to thailand.

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8 comments to “Can i travel to thailand with a criminal record?”

  1. Thailand does not have a criminal record. You can travel anywhere you want to if you are clear with probation’s.

  2. Not the answer your gonna like but I highly doubt you can enter Thailand with a criminal record, they may deem you as a undesirable person. Possesion of controlled substances in Thailand carries out heavy punishment, i think death in many cases so that trafficking charge is not going to work to your advantage. I suggest you contact the Canadian government and just get the answer from them.

  3. You should be fine coming over on a 30 day visa exempt stay, unlike some countries Thailand Immigration does not ask about criminal history on your customs form. On certain types of long term visas a police report from your home country is required and unfortunately the type of crime you commited would most likely prevent you from obtaining those types of visas, but for a 30 day visa exemption, you should be fine. Good luck.

  4. Yes it will not be a problem, if you are coming here for a holiday ie 28 days or less you will come in on a visa on arrival if you have an EEC or US, Can passport…

    You only have to fill in a landing card on the plane and there is no questions regarding criminal convictions on the landing card

    Assume you have learned your lesson over drugs, as do not even think about messing with any form of illegal drugs in Thailand, as if you do and are caught you will be in deep deep do do

    Have fun

  5. you will have no problems at all.the immigration card that you fill in on the plane gives you a 30 tourist,no mention of drugs in other words they do not ask you.i know a person who has the same conviction and he has entered thailand many times.also he has entered malaysia and singapore which are stricter than thailand.i know guys that have convictions overseas have married thai ladys and gained permanent residency in not worry.have a good holiday

  6. Doubt it. Immigration holds record and check it on arrival. Might worth a try but be prepared to alter your route.

  7. The answer is, Yes you can travel to Thailand with a criminal record. There is no Thai law that would prohibit it.

    Canada to Thailand is more than OK, they will welcome you here. You have money and the Thai economy needs it. Come, stay for a few weeks and enjoy your trip.

  8. UPDATE: @ James B and IceCube. I am a felon living in Thailand. There is in fact a law against having a criminal record and entering Thailand, (Section 12 paragraph 6 of the Thai Immigration Act) with an exemption for “petty” crimes and crimes caused through negligence, (petty in not defined) However, at present there is no system in place to screen arrivials, and as mentioned the arrival card doesn’t ask. There is talk of linking databases with western countries so this will likely change some day and I expect I will be denied entry or asked to leave. Also, exactly as Garald said above, some visa’s, such as a riterment visa, require a record check from your home country. As of now, there is absolutely no problem to come as visitor as long as you have no record in Thailand, but this may change as Thailand has expressed interest in screening arrivals if they were provided a database by the foriegn country.

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