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what do you prefer,to travel by boat or by plane?

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honey asked:

everytime i travel i ride in a i plan to visit far places and it can only be done by riding on a boat or plane.i’m a little scared.can you please help.


3 comments to “what do you prefer,to travel by boat or by plane?”

  1. Flying is like walking to the fridge, so so easy.
    I would love to go some where by boat, I can see little me floating down the Nile or Pacific, any body of water will do.
    People other than my husband are feeding me twice daily,(I love that morning sleep, I miss out on breakfast) they are bringing me cool drinks and fanning me.
    Oh yes.I think the boat is the way to go.
    ~God bless~

  2. I love to fly so I prefer traveling by plane all the time.I get seasick easily so a boat will never be a choice!

  3. I prefer to travel by plane as I get sea sick and do not do well on boats.

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